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Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses

The Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses are historic residences at 352-4 and 358-60 Main Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The simple, clapboard-covered dwellings were built in 1848 in what became known as Little Liberia, a neighborhood settled by free blacks starting in the first quarter of the nineteenth century. As the last surviving houses of this neighborhood on their original foundations, these were added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 22, 1999. The houses are the oldest remaining houses in Connecticut built by free blacks, before the state completed its gradual abolition of slavery in 1848. The homes and nearby Walter's Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church are also listed sites on the Connecticut Freedom Trail.

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  • I walk the streets of Bridgeport often. I try to hit every neighborhood as often as I can. Once I heard about these homes, I knew I had to make my way over, but I had to build up my mileage to get there. They're about 3mi from my house, so I had to get strong enough to endure a 6mi walk. I spent most of thr covid pandemic doing just that. I felt so grateful to be able to view these homes. It's a very peaceful and solace space to visit. With the old Bridgeport smokestack looming in the backdrop, it's a real relic of an area. Thr houses are in as good a shape as you worked expect nearly 2 century old homes to be! I understand they're fenced up to protect but I so wished to be able to see and explore them more internally. They are quite a phenomenon to see.

    3 years ago
  • Very interesting 1848 just the year alone Being Built-in to wonderful city of Bridgeport is such a wonderful Historical Home🙏🙏

    5 months ago
  • These homes aren't museums and are not for entering. There isn't a designated time to visit or a fee to pay. You can visit and see them from the street. A few years back the place wasn't fenced in and people used to enter them through the rear. The whole inside is collapsed.

    a year ago
  • very poor condition

    3 years ago

Mary and Eliza Freeman Houses

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