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Richardson Store

The Richardson Store, located off I-40 in Montoya, New Mexico, is a historic Route 66 fixture. It served tourists and other travelers. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.The store was started by G.W. Richardson in 1908, in a wooden structure. In 1918, he relocated the store to the red sandstone building that survives today, while the state of New Mexico improved the roadway. The roadway became part of the famous Route 66. The store thrived in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.Interstate 40 came through, a few hundred yards to the south, in 1956. Although there is an exit, the speed of traffic greatly reduced stops, and the store and Montoya declined. The store eventually closed and has been vacant for many years. In 2014, the building's roof collapsed.

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  • Ruins of an old store, surrounded by fence so you can't get too close. A fun find for Route 66 enthusiasts. For others, not worth a stop.

    7 months ago
  • There was no physical historic marker telling a short bio or history of these buildings at this location. It really just looks like somebody trashed the place and then abandoned the property. It does have a lot of old natural stone still put together where the walls of the main building was but the old wood roof has, however, cavened in. There is some really neat antique 2ft x2 ft square metal sheets kind of like tin that was used as the siding of the old house on the south side of the building. It has a really neat and interesting pattern grooved into it that makes it look like small square stones and has a flower vine pattern over the square patterns but it was not a galvanized color it was more like a brownish copper or slight bronze color. It was really neat. I wish I could have taken the antique metal sheet squares home with me and I could made a lot of neat things out of them to decor our home with. Overall,it wasn't too bad of a place to just stop and look at but there wasn't much you could see thru the tall chain link fence that surrounds it with locked gates and no trespassing signs everywhere.

    a year ago
  • Ben

    Take a look at some historical building ruins and be sure to visit the nearby cemetery.

    a year ago
  • Big fence around it with no trespassing signs all over the place. I wouldn't venture inside anyway. The roof is completely caved in, and there's debris everywhere. A perfect place for rattlesnakes and other new mexico critters.

    2 years ago
  • Nothing there....Great parking for truckers. Isolated, quiet, no one around, easy to navigate. (just don't want to back up at night, due to trees). Super EZ off & on access to freeway.

    a year ago
  • I love old abandoned buildings.I do not know much history about this place but I will be looking more into it.

    a year ago
  • Waited for 30 minutes never got any help.old building.a piece of history fading away.roof has is still fenced with no trespassing signs

    a year ago
  • Nik

    I still consider this listed historical place a part of history even though the roof has collapsed (as all structures which aren't maintained eventually succumb to); however, if you are in the area of course you should check this out and the other remnants of Montoya for a historic flashback.

    4 years ago

Richardson Store

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