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Sugarloaf Rock, Western Australia

Sugarloaf Rock, also known as Sugarloaf Rocks and Sugar Loaf Rock, is a large, natural granite island in the Indian Ocean just off the coast situated approximately 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) south of Cape Naturaliste in the South West region of Western Australia.
It is separated from the mainland by a thin channel of treacherous water. The rock is one of the most photographed attractions and it has appeared on the cover of the Australian Geographic magazine.The rock derives its name from the distinctive conical shape reminiscent of an old style sugarloaf.It is designated as a nature reserve and a nesting site for seabirds such as the red-tailed tropicbird.The Cape to Cape track passes by the lookout to the rock.Access to the rock was limited with no road down to the shore present until the mid-1930s; the site was not well known in 1932, with visitors having to "scramble through thickets and down the cliff" to access the coast. The first recorded drowning off the rock occurred in 1934 when a man was washed from it. A danger sign was erected near the site later the same year. Two more fishermen drowned when they were washed off the rock in 1940, with a third surviving by clinging to a ledge then raising the alarm.

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  • Very good trail to sugar loaf road, well maintained road. However be careful of lizards and snakes as I saw a few rather big ones. Other than that really a good chill trail, very friendly slopes.

    a month ago
  • We drove around the coast for 10 mins to get a closer look than we had from the lighthouse. Great parking and groomed tracks to the viewing platform. Unfortunately we saw a feral fox with what we thought looked like a dead platypus in its mouth. Apart from we were treated to sea views and rugged coast line.

    a month ago
  • It’s a great place to visit. I liked it a lot at the start. I liked getting down to the rocks on the beach and fossicking around. Until… I saw one snake 🐍 and then within seconds… another 🐍 and just around from there… a dead dolphin 🐬 on the positive side, there must be dolphins 🐬 around and… well the snakes, they like to warm up on the rocks. If you walk with other people, keep talking and you won’t see them as they slither away before you get there. I’d go back despite these slithering guys.

    10 months ago
  • One of the most beautiful places near Perth in WA. Just couple of hours drive from the city and you'll be place far from city life. Excellent place for nature and adventure lovers and yes photographers of course. Must Visit if you're looking for a break for a day or two.

    10 months ago
  • I've been to this spot twice and lemme tell you, it's totally worth it. It is such a beautiful spot to be at and it brings back all the nice memories that I had when I came here. Wouldn't mind coming back here again to watch the waves crashing into the rock. And taking photos 😆

    2 weeks ago
  • Kit

    Far from being a loaf of bread but the view's pretty sweet. So the name half makes sense. Pretty fun place to navigate your way around the rocks, just don't do anything silly like climbing the rocks while the tide's coming and the wind's up. I actually looked up in Wikipedia that some unlucky soul lost their life here back in 1934. But I don't think the rock's changed much since then, so be on your toes and best behaviour.

    3 months ago
  • If you are an avid sunrise/sunset seeker then Sugarloaf Rock is a must. It’s a reasonably secluded area and never fails to disappoint (even in the rain). For anyone who argues against WA having the best coast line, take them here.

    a year ago
  • Nice place to visit to enjoy scenic view of unique rocks and ocean waves crashing on rocks. N.B.: Dogs are not allowed at this spot.

    6 months ago

Sugarloaf Rock, Western Australia

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