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Bhitarkanika National Park (भीतरकनिका राष्ट्रीय उद्यान)

Bhitarkanika National Park is a 145 km2 (56 sq mi) large national park in northeast Kendrapara district in Odisha in eastern India. It was designated on 16 September 1998 and obtained the status of a Ramsar site on 19 August 2002. The area is also been designated as second Ramsar site of the State after the Chilika Lake. It is surrounded by Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, which spread over 672 km2 (259 sq mi).
Gahirmatha Beach and Marine Sanctuary are to the east, separating swamp region and mangroves from the Bay of Bengal.
The national park and wildlife sanctuary is inundated by the rivers Brahmani, Baitarani, Dhamra, Pathsala. It hosts many mangrove species, and is the second largest mangrove ecosystem in India.
The national park is home to Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), Indian python, king cobra, black ibis, darters and many other species of flora and fauna.

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  • Awesome place to be in. Natural forest reserve for crocodiles... Best backwater to experience. Boat riding is great experience to sightseeing. Must visit if you love nature

    a week ago
  • Bhitarkanika national park is Mangrove forest situated in Delta of Brahmani river at bay of Bengal in Odisha. You will get a feel of Sunder van and Amazon forest here. it's a must visit place specially for nature lovers. Totally different vegetation which you will never see any where else. You can see lot of Salt water crocodiles, big Lizards and spotted Dear on side of river.

    a month ago
  • Lovely centre of ecology and biodiversity. Beautiful, full of crocodiles and turtles. An exhilarating experience to add to your bucket list. Nature at its best.

    a month ago
  • The place is beautiful for a natural enthusiast, crocodiles and various other animals can be seen in abundance. The charges of boarding boats are a bit higher rest everything is fine

    2 months ago
  • The place is a unique example of all kinds of crocodiles, monkeys, deer, lizards, birds and other animals besides enjoying the natural beauty.

    a month ago
  • Before going to the Bhitarakanika National Park we have booked the boat for full day. There is an entry point Gupti where you can directly drive car or bike but we choose Khola entry point as to see the crocodiles in the creek. We travelled by boat in the Khola nala (creek made by the king) after getting entry permits for us. On the way we saw some crocodiles before we reached our destination. There in museum we saw the eggs, preserved body and skeletons of crocodile and other local animals.Then we visited the crocodile hachery where they hatch the eggs upto few weeks younger ones to be released into the wild. Inside they kept famous Gori and Mali (both are white crocodile) for display. We had lunch there. After we visited a near by place, the jungle earlier used as king's hunting ground. We walked around total 8km(better prepared for a long walking), where we saw deer, birds, water moniter lizards. Due to winter season we didn't see any snakes. We enjoyed a lot, on the return journey we saw more crocodiles as water level was little low and enjoyed sunset in Brahmani river. The journey will be good with more people, as food is available there, better purchase some snacks and water bottle beforehand.

    3 weeks ago
  • Very beautiful tourist place in Odisha.

    a week ago
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the place. If you are conscious about food, than carry your own food. Best time to move in is after 12.00 pm when one may able to spot good amount of crocs. Best time to move out is 4.00pm, at this time you would be able to spot good amount of Dears.

    a week ago

Bhitarkanika National Park

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