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Erawan Shrine (ศาลท้าวมหาพรหม โรงแรมเอราวัณ)

The Erawan Shrine, formally the Thao Maha Phrom Shrine (Thai: ศาลท้าวมหาพรหม; RTGS: San Thao Maha Phrom; "Shrine of Lord Mahabrahma"), is a shrine in Bangkok, Thailand, which houses a statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of Mahabrahma, the ruler of the Brahma realm in Buddhist cosmology. It often features performances by Thai dance troupes who are hired by worshippers in return for seeing their prayers answered at the shrine.

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    1. 2.1 2006 vandalism
    2. 2.2 2015 bombing
    3. 2.3 2020 ban on incense and candles
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  • An interesting place to visit, especially if you like to see how religious traditions develop. Here you'll see a mix of Hindu, Buddhist, and animist beliefs. The photos and videos I have added are from about 2005, the dancers wear face shields now. Ceremony is important, but so is avoiding Covid...

    7 months ago
  • After 26 years of going once on every visit, this time it felt very dry and hollow. Reason being that you are not allowed to burn the joss sticks or the candles anymore. While I understand the public health discourse, life is not made up of science and health only but enriched by spirituality, faith and human energy. The smell and warmth that would trigger a quarter of century of prayers and memories can no longer be experienced. I have decided not to go there any more, so that I can live with the beautiful memories I had every year, on every visit, since 1996. Hope it is just me. 😥😥😥

    2 months ago
  • Z D

    Great shrine to visit in bangkok. Located prominently at the junction. Currently due to covid 19, burning of joss sticks and candles are not allowed. Purchase the joss sticks, candle and flower wreaths etc from the corner kiosk near the side gate. The sellers are quite used to tourist so they can speak some english/chinese. Nice atmosphere.

    4 days ago
  • Walked pass this place lots of times but finally visited. Was a super sunny day 🥹 Just walked right in to buy flowers, incense sticks at the shrine, ranging from 50 baht and above, no need to buy from outside venders.

    3 months ago
  • A must visit when you’re in downtown Bangkok. Buy your incense and flowers inside, and ask the Brahma for good luck. Very well maintained even during COVID. Upside of the pandemic is that there are very few tourists right now, so it is very calm here during weekdays.

    6 months ago
  • pray here after 2 year plus ago because of Covid and really happy to be back in bangkok again Used to pray here every month before Covid 19 and would say that my prayer is answered now will start to come bangkok every month again Pls visit here if you are in bangkok 👍👍👍👍👍

    3 months ago
  • My family has come to this Shrine every time we're in Bangkok since before I was born. The experience this year was different though. The AQI was quite bad during the days I visited. The Shrine was covered up with plastic wrap, possibly as protection against dust and pollution. This made it rather difficult to see inside. Incense and candles also weren't allowed to be lit, and gold leaves were no longer available. Flower offerings and placing an unlit candle was still allowed though.

    3 months ago
  • Excellent shrine in the heart of Bangkok, a place that you must visit in your next trip to Thailand.

    4 months ago

Erawan Shrine

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