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Munttoren (Munttoren (Amsterdam))

The Munttoren ("Mint Tower") or Munt is a tower in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It stands on the busy Muntplein square, where the Amstel river and the Singel canal meet, near the flower market and the eastern end of the Kalverstraat shopping street.

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  • Beautiful historic tower in the center of the city. Below the tower there is a porcelain store.

    5 months ago
  • A beautiful tower with a bell system that was built in 1620 and was originally part of the city walls, along with The Wagg gate that is now in the Chinatown area

    2 weeks ago
  • The Munttoren, or Mint Tower is a former guard tower that used to be part of the old city's fortifications. It gets it's name from the house behind it, which used to be the building that minted coins in 17th Century Amsterdam. The most attractive feature of the tower is the carillon that still chimes every quarter of an hour. Not really a must-see. See because it's a landmark more than anything else.

    2 years ago
  • NB

    Iconic clock-tower, but I think the clock might actually be one minute fast?

    9 months ago
  • Mint Tower (Munttoren) is a historic structure in central Amsterdam, situated at Muntplein, where the Singel Canal pours into the Amstel River. This was originally a gate that formed part of the city. It was built in 1480. Unfortunately, the the gate was badly damaged by fire in 1618, leaving only the guard house and part of the original tower. Dutch architect, Hendrick de Keyser, rebuilt the tower in 1620,in Dutch Renaissance style, including a clock face and carillon of bells, which can still be heard to this day. Interestingly, the tower building was used as a mint in the late 17th century, giving it the name it is referred to today. Now, you'll find a Royal Delft earthenware shop occupying the bottom floor of the Munttoren. Fans of architecture and historic buildings will enjoy seeing Munttoren, which can be quickly and conveniently viewed while sightseeing in the Eastern Canal Ring area of the city.

    3 years ago
  • Picturesque part of the city ... lovely flower market to wander around with plenty of tourist souvenirs. Very pretty.

    3 years ago
  • nice building

    2 months ago
  • Jay

    Interesting tower. Known as the Milk Tower also. It is just near the flower market and was where the new and old parts met. You can just go look at it, no access though.

    3 years ago


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