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ຕັ້ງຢູ່ກົງກັນຂ້າມກັບວັດສີສະເກດ ຊຶ່ງແຕ່ກ່ອນເຄີຍເປັນວັດທີ່ສຳຄັນ ໃຊ້ໃນການປະຕິບັດພິທີກຳຕ່າງໆຂອງ ບ້ານເມືອງໃນອາດີດຕະ
ການ.ວັດນີ້ ສ້າງຂື້ນໃນປີ 1565 ສຳລັບເປັນບ່ອນປະດິດສະຖານ ຂອງພະແກ້ວມໍຣະກົດ, ໂດຍພະເຈົ້າໄຊເຊດຖາທິຣາດ ໃນເວລາທີ່ໄດ້ຕັດສິນໃຈ ຍົກຍ້າຍນະຄອນຫຼວງເດີມຂອງປະເທດ ແມ່ນຢູ່ຫຼວງພຣະບາງ ມາຕັ້ງຢູ່ວຽງຈັນ,ພາຍຫຼັງການສິ້ນພຣະຊົນຂອງ
ພະເຈົ້າໂພທິຊາຣາດ ຜູ້ເປັນບິດາ. ປະຈຸບັນວັດນີ້ກາຍເປັນຫໍພິພິດຕະພັນ. ສ່ວນອົງພະແກ້ວມໍຣະກົດ ປະຈຸບັນແມ່ນຖືກເອົາໄປປະ
ດິດສະຖານຢູ່ທີ່ ວັດພະສີຣັດຕະນະສາດສາສະດາຣາມ ຫຼື ວັດພະແກ້ວ ທີ່ ບາງກອກ ປະເທດໄທ.ບູຣານສະຖານ ຫໍພະແກ້ວ ບໍລິເວນດ້ານນອກສິມ ແມ່ນອ້ອມຮອບໄປດ້ວຍ
ພະພຸດທະຮູບຫຼໍ່ຈາກທອງແດງ ໃນປາງຕ່າງໆ ທີ່ແຕກຕ່າງກັນ ແລະ ມີຄວາມສະຫງ່າງາມໂດດເດັ່ນ ຊຶ່ງສະແດງອອກເຖິງ ສິລະ
ປະທີ່ງົດງາມ ແລະ ໂດດເດັ່ນ ຂອງຄົນລາວໃນແຕ່ລະຍຸກສະໄໝ.


  • M.

    It's a nice small place. The building looks good and you can walk around outside the small area. You had to leave the shoes on the bottom of the steps and you were not allowed to take pictures. Sorry but for me that is clashing because why leave everything at the door and even then you can't take pictures of the sculptures and historical relics in the inside. Still don't get it...and of course I'll always respect that but still only three stars for me.

    a month ago
  • Haw Phra Kaew was built in 1565–1566 on the orders of King Setthathirath after he moved the capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. The temple was built on the grounds of the royal palace to house the Emerald Buddha figurine, which Setthathirath had brought from Chiang Mai, then the capital of Lanna, to Luang Prabang. The temple was used as Setthathirath's personal place of worship, and because of this, there were no resident monks in this temple unlike other temples in Laos.

    a month ago
  • Beautiful former temple which is now a museum. Meticulous garden landscaping and unbelievable detail in the structure, sculpture and surroundings.

    a month ago
  • The temple that held the Emerald Buddha that is in Bangkok now. Very peaceful. There is an entrance fee.

    a month ago
  • Arrived at 8am but temple was not opened on time. 5 minutes later we paid 30k entrance fee, but the main temple shrine was not opened as staff was a little late. One of the oldest temple, built in the 1500's. Not spectacular as there is little to see. Only significant fact is the temple was once the home of Emerald (Jade) Buddha for over 200 years before it was taken home to Siam. Temple reconstructions were done as the original temple was damaged during the war btw Siam n Laos kingdoms. Can be given a miss as there are other beautiful temples in VTE or if you are rushed for time. Try colourful Wat Si Muang, free entrance n service.

    5 months ago
  • Small museum and its still a value at the foreigner price. There is a second museum across the street amd both can be done quickly

    4 weeks ago
  • Lao

    Was home to the emerald budha originally from India that was hidden in Shri lanka then given as a gift to Lao country and taken to Siam ( Bangkok ) during war.

    3 months ago
  • One of the many gorgeous temples in Vientiane. Tickets are 30,000kip per person in most of the pagodas and temples around town. No photos or videos inside and no shoes.

    8 months ago


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