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Parque Nacional das Badlands (Badlands National Park)

O Parque Nacional das Badlands é um parque nacional localizado no estado do Dakota do Sul, Estados Unidos. Esta área protegida, com cerca de 982 km² de área, possui formações geológicas fortemente escavadas pela erosão, como pináculos, agulhas e buttes. Inclui a maior pradaria protegida nos Estados Unidos.
Uma área de 259 km², denominada Badlands Wilderness, totalmente contida no parque nacional, é uma zona de protecção especial de espécies em perigo de extinção. É feita aqui a reintrodução do toirão americano, o mamífero terrestre em maior perigo na América do Norte.O termo badlands (em inglês, literalmente "terras más") provém do facto de ser um termo usualmente dado a regiões áridas, especialmente na zona oeste dos Estados Unidos.A Stronghold Unit ("unidade do forte") é co-administrada pela tribo de Sioux Oglala e inclui locais onde ocorriam a Dança dos Fantasmas e uma antiga zona de testes da Força Aérea dos Estados Unidos.
O parque possui recursos paleontológicos de grande riqueza, com o registo fóssil do Oligoceno mais rico do mundo, datando há entre 23 a 35 milhões de anos. Com estes fósseis pode ser estudada a evolução de espécies de mamíferos como o cavalo, a ovelha, o rinoceronte e o porco.
Registos da presença humana no parque estendem-se por um período de 11 000 anos.

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  • What a wonderful place to stop honestly. It’s great having a road go through here to see and experience everything around here. It was a very good place to stop and I recommend this be a place for you to stop on a road trip for sure.

    a week ago
  • Gorgeous national park. Definitely a must see. There are about 15 stop offs in the loop and it took us about 2 hours. There is also a lodge that you can stop and eat at as well. My friend and I had my almost 3 year old with us and we definitely had to keep hold of him tightly because the drop offs at the stops are extremely dangerous so use caution when bringing small children who want to run around.

    a week ago
  • We are traveling the country and I have to be honest, this is my least favorite National Park so far. The dirt piles just look like a construction site to me. The coolest part of our stay was the severe weather. It was exciting. Two trailers in the park got flipped over in the storm.

    a week ago
  • What an incredible opportunity to see God’s majesty! We drove the scenic loop and finished just after sunrise where we found a good overlook to watch as the stars emerged from their invisibility. Simply wow! We didn’t have a good camera to capture the Milky Way but trust us! It was an incredible sight to behold!! Well worth adding it to your trip!

    a week ago
  • The striking scenic drive with layers of eroded sedimentary rock would make this park a must go alone. The park also excels in overviews, visitor center and general infrastructure, plus the wildlife is present and incredible along the loop.

    a week ago
  • This was our first trip to the Badlands National Park and it was quite the journey in this terrain. We traveled on miles and miles of rock road and the Badlands appeared to be endless. It is a wonderful park to behold with its rugged and eroded area of buttes and gullies in Southwestern South Dakota. This area was first established as a National Monument in 1939 and became a National Park in 1978. I can’t believe it took so long to become a National Park. I have since found out there is a Badlands Loop that we missed. We will rectify that situation on our next adventure out west.

    a week ago
  • We explore a lot and this is definitely the best park for small kids! I loved how they structured the park to accommodate those who wanted to see it too but maybe had Mobile issues or were just tiny little humans that needed some extra time. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is more for hiking, Badlands in my opinion is more for families.

    3 weeks ago
  • Great Experience at the Beautiful Park. I went to this place on 1990 with my cousing and I came back again with my son on August 2021 during a Road trip. Awesome time. 🥰🥰

    2 days ago

Parque Nacional das Badlands

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